Ballotpedia – Kansas House of Representatives elections, 2006


Kansas House of Representatives elections, 2006

Elections for the office of Kansas House of Representatives consisted of a primary election on August 1, 2006 and a general election on November 7, 2006.

Section 4 of Article 2 of the Kansas Constitution states, “During the time that any person is a candidate for nomination or election to the legislature and during the term of each legislator, such candidate or legislator shall be and remain a qualified elector who resides in his or her district.”

List of candidates
District 1
August 1 Democratic primary:Doug Gatewood
August 1 GOP primary:No candidates filed for election.
November 7 General election candidates:Doug Gatewood

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Topeka Capital-Journal – “Former lawmaker, Brownback appointee square off in tax dispute”

Former lawmaker, Brownback appointee square off in tax dispute
Changes to language on Olathe sales tax ballot issue may result in KOMA complaint

Posted: November 29, 2013 – 11:12am

By Andy Marso
Former legislator Benjamin Hodge says he is contemplating a Kansas Open Meetings Act complaint against the Olathe City Council and Mayor Michael Copeland, who also works for the Department of Commerce and Department of Labor.

Hodge says the Olathe council changed the language of a recent sales tax ballot measure without properly informing the public.

“They only just oh-so-barely actually voted on the final language,” Hodge said. “They made those changes the night before.”

Hodge, whose Kansans for State & Local Reform PAC opposed the ballot measure, said council members added three words that broaden the possible uses for the new sales tax revenue during a work session that Hodge called “a quasi-legal public meeting nobody attended.”

Tim Dannenberg, a spokesman for Copeland, says the changes were minimal and everything was done on the up-and-up. He also released a statement from Copeland emphasizing that citizens will be able to track the new tax revenues and ensure that they are all going to their stated purpose of road improvements.

“I regret that anyone would believe the revenue generated by the street maintenance tax will go to anything other than street maintenance projects,” Copeland said. “That is absolutely not the case, and this has been made abundantly clear by the Olathe City Council. This process will be transparent. All sales tax revenue and projects where it is used will be easy for our residents to track, and an outside committee (is) being formed for additional review and reporting. We strongly encourage anyone interested in this issue to closely track where street maintenance tax revenue is being spent throughout the life of the tax.” Continue reading