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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kansas Politics, Follow the Money

When it comes to Kansas politics, one organization is outspending, and outmaneuvering their competition.  No, we aren’t talking about Koch Industries or their owners the Koch brothers, we’re talking about the Kansas National Education Association.

Over the last two reporting periods the KNEA has raised over $660,000.  Of that, an amazing $628,000 of it came through unreported donations.  The KNEA claims these funds represent voluntary contributions by its members to its PAC.

With the money it raises the KNEA PAC maximizes its direct contributions to candidates it supports, i.e. Democrats and “moderate” Republicans, and sends out mailers on their behalf.  Left over funds, and there are many, are then funneled into an array of other PACs who use the money to contribute directly to candidates the KNEA supports, to indirect advertisements supporting those candidates, and on to other PACs who do the same.  Some of the PACs the KNEA PAC pays for include: the Senate Republican Leadership Committee (SRLC) – $25,000, Kansas Jobs PAC – $50,000, various state and federal Democrat PACs,  Keeping the Kansas Promise PAC, Legislative Victory Funds 1, 2, and 3, Working Kansas Alliance, and approximately 30 regional teachers union PACs like the KNEA-SM PAC.

The Kansas Jobs PAC received $181,000 in contributions.  The KNEA directly contributed $50,000 to the PAC and another $25,000 indirectly through the SRLC, who donated $100,000 in total to the organization.  The remaining funds for the Kansas Jobs PAC came from the Teamsters union, a carpenters union, and the Kansas Quality Mental Health Services PAC.

The Kansas Jobs PAC then donated $40,000 of the money they received to the Kansas Values PAC, an organization setup by Ryan Wright, executive director of the Kansas Values Institute.  The rest went to direct and indirect contributions to the candidates the KNEA supports.

The Senate Republican Leadership Committee was created by Steve Morris, Kansas Senate president.  As previously mentioned it gave $100,000 to the Kansas Jobs PAC.  It’s second largest contributor is the KNEA, followed closely by the Kansas Contractors Association and the Kansas Quality Mental Health Services PAC.  Are you starting to see a pattern here?

In addition to the large contribution the SRLC made to the Kansas Jobs PAC, it donated $70,000 to the Kansas Traditional Republican Majority PAC, an organization run by Andy Wollen.  Kansas Quality Mental Health Services PAC and the United Transportation Union kicked in the remainder of KTRMs donations.

The KTRM took that money and produced a number of mailings supporting various candidates, it also spent $8,000 on “consulting” fees with Ryan Wright, founder of the Kansas Values PAC.

The campaign contribution limit for a single donor is $1,000 per period, with current reporting periods being 2011 and the first of 2012 through the primary.  By the time money has filtered through from the KNEA PAC to the smaller packs like the Kansas Values PACs, that money has gone to upwards of $10,000 ($1,000 per period per PAC connected to the KNEA) in direct campaign contributions and tens of thousands in indirect support.

When Democrats say the Citizens United SCOTUS decision will some how result in companies buying elections, what they really mean is it might result in other interests being able to amass enough funds to counteract the KNEA and other Democrat PACs overwhelming influence on the election process.

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Erick Erickson in Human Events – KTRM and Ryan Wright claim Tony Perkins and Jim Ryun are connected to Ku Klux Klan


PDF – Erick Erickson – Human Events, 8-5-2008

Stop Whitey and the Jews

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Lawrence Journal-World, April 2015: “Douglas County clerk thinks spring elections for local government may soon move to fall”


Douglas County clerk thinks spring elections for local government may soon move to fall

By Chad Lawhorn
April 8, 2015, 5:15 p.m. Updated April 8, 2015, 10:19 p.m.

Spring elections of city commissioners and school board members — like the one held Tuesday — soon may fall out of fashion as state legislators prepare to vote on a bill that would move the races to November.

“I would be really surprised if we had another spring election,” Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew said. Continue reading

Topeka Capital-Journal, April 2015: “Kansas legislators moving toward changing local elections”


Kansas legislators moving toward changing local elections
Legislators say moving city and school board elections to fall will boost voter turnout

Posted: April 8, 2015 – 8:12pm

By John Hanna
AP Political Writer
Republican legislators in Kansas are moving to shift city and local school board elections to the fall of even-numbered years, saying the change will boost voter turnout.

A plan for scrapping the tradition of holding local elections on the first Tuesday in April of odd-numbered years emerged from negotiations between the House and Senate before voting this week in city and school board contests across the state. They would be on the same schedule as elections for county, state and congressional offices, and city and school board races would be listed first on the ballot. Continue reading

Aug 8, 2008 – KS GOP and Elected Officials Responds to Primary Attacks

PDF — KS GOP and Elected Officials Responds to Primary Attacks – Aug 8, 2008


1 of 2 8/10/2008 7:09 PM
From: Corrie Kangas (
Date: Friday, August 8, 2008 5:20:15 PM
Subject: KS GOP and Elected Officials Responds to Primary Attacks
August 8, 2008
Fellow Republicans,
We have just come through a grueling primary season, and we are now gearing up to march together toward
victory in November. As is often the case, there were a number of hard-fought primaries around the state in
which Republicans said some negative things about each other.
However, there was one attack that was so out-of-line and so indefensible that it must be roundly and publicly
condemned by all Republicans in Kansas .
On August 1, the organization “Kansas Traditional Republican Majority,” (KTRM) issued a press release
entitled “Kline and Ryun Unmasked: Linked to Klu Klux Klan.” In that release, the KTRM made an absurd
attempt to link these two good men to the KKK through a series of implausible connections. Continue reading

Kansas Liberty – April 4, 2009, Legislature tries again for late-term abortion law reform


Kansas Liberty: 04 April 2009

WEEKEND REPORT: Bill would end partial birth abortion ‘mental health’ exceptions and stipulate precise reporting of late-term abortions. New KDHE report shows 90 percent come from out of state.

Legislature tries again for late-term abortion law reform Continue reading

JCCC press release, claiming illegally expelled students were not expelled but “temporarily dismissed” – titled, “JCCC goes to court regarding lawsuit”

original link:

Johnson County Community College
Press Release

College Information and Publications
Julie Haas, associate vice president, marketing communications, ext. 3120
Diane Carroll, writer/editor, ext. 3425
Tyler Cundith, sports information director, ext. 3122

JCCC goes to court regarding lawsuit


Story by Julie Haas

JCCC goes to court regarding lawsuit

A judge in federal court today upheld an injunction a nursing student brought against Johnson County Community College, four of its administrators and a faculty member.

“We are disappointed with the court’s decision today,” said Terry Calaway, JCCC president. “Of course we’ll abide by the judge’s decision and readmit the student to the nursing program. Continue reading

Abortion Industry Eyes Kansas DA Election Anxiously – Part V: DA Kline Defies Media to Run For Full Term


© Jack Cashill

July 25, 2008
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Kansas is one of only six states that allows its citizens to petition to form grand juries. The seeming complicity of Attorney General Paul Morrison and other abortion industry beneficiaries with the clinics suggests why this law can be useful. Continue reading

Jack Cashill – Abortion Industry Eyes Kansas DA Election Anxiously – Part IV: DA Kline Tackles Planned Parenthood


© Jack Cashill

July 24, 2008
Published in  

After nearly six months of dithering on the charges against Dr. George Tiller, Attorney General Paul Morrison re-interpreted the state’s tough late term abortion law to mean that it did not matter whether a woman had a legally justifiable need for an abortion as long as two unaffiliated doctors said she did. Continue reading

Jack Cashill – Abortion Industry Eyes Kansas DA Election Anxiously – Part III: Kline Refuses To Roll Over


© Jack Cashill

July 23, 2008
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After abortion industry champion Paul Morrison beat incumbent Phill Kline in the 2006 attorney general race, the largely conservative Republican precinct captains of Johnson County shocked the media and their moderate brethren. Continue reading

Jack Cashill – Abortion Industry Eyes Kansas DA Election Anxiously – Part II: The Abortion Battle Heats Up


© Jack Cashill

July 22, 2008
Published in  

Upon taking office as Kansas attorney general in 2003, Phill Kline began to review the KDHE (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) reports to see just how it was that late term abortions had actually increased in Kansas after a tough law had been passed to stop them. Continue reading

Jack Cashill – Abortion Industry Eyes Kansas DA Election Anxiously – Part I: Kansas Bleeds Once More


© Jack Cashill

July 21, 2008
Published in  

Not since 1859, when the citizens of “Bleeding Kansas” approved the Wyandotte Constitution enabling Kansas to enter the Union as a free state, has a Kansas election grabbed the nation’s attention as the one about to take place.

At stake is the District Attorney position in Johnson Continue reading

Operation Rescue – Full 44-Min. Video Interview of Dr. Paul McHugh and Transcript


Full 44-Min. Video Interview of Dr. Paul McHugh and Transcript

K.S.A. 65-6703 states: “No person shall perform or induce an abortion when the fetus is viable unless such person is a physician and has a documented referral from another physician not legally or financially affiliated with the physician performing or inducing the abortion and both physicians determine that: (1) The abortion is necessary to preserve the life of the pregnant woman; or (2) a continuation of the pregnancy will cause asubstantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function of the pregnant woman.” Continue reading

Topeka Capital-Journal/AP – Kansas incumbents snubbed by endorsements


July 17, 2012

Kansas incumbents snubbed by endorsements

The Associated Press

Some Republican incumbents for House and Senate seats are dismayed that the anti-abortion group Kansans for Life has not endorsed them, despite their records on the issue. Continue reading