Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice publishes Hodge’s article from Red County – 61% of Moms Support Vouchers for Religious or Non-Religious K-12 Schools



Red County | 61% of Moms Support Vouchers for Religious or Non-Religious K-12 Schools

Monday, May 14, 2012

Benjamin Hodge

Red County

I’d like to wish all mothers a “Happy Mother’s Day,” and I would like to share with you a poll released by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, demonstrating the strong support all around the country for school vouchers at the K-12 level.
Interestingly, mothers of K-12 children support school vouchers even more than the average American.

Below, I will highlight some of the findings of the poll.  Click here to go directly to the Friedman Foundation’s Web site, where you can learn all of the detailed results and how the poll was performed.
The first graph I want to show you is Kansas school funding, which has increased about 90% since 1995, even though the inflate rate has only increased about 50% during that same time.  Today, we spend about $13,000 per student in K-12 government schools:
(graph available at Kansas Rep. Lance Kinzer’s page).

Key Take-Aways from the Friedman Foundation Poll:
1.  61% of moms support school vouchers, for both religious and non-religious education.
2.  55% of moms would not choose public schools, and 37% would choose a private school, if they had choices.
3.  Only 22% of Midwest adults rate public schools with an “A” grade.  Only 59% of adults give a “B” or “A” grade.”
4.  Even though almost half of adults do not know how to rate regional private schools or charter schools, only 42% of all adults would choose public schools as their first choice for their child’s education.

5.  Support for school vouchers is strong, among all adults nation-wide.