Aug 8, 2008 – KS GOP and Elected Officials Responds to Primary Attacks

PDF — KS GOP and Elected Officials Responds to Primary Attacks – Aug 8, 2008


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From: Corrie Kangas (
Date: Friday, August 8, 2008 5:20:15 PM
Subject: KS GOP and Elected Officials Responds to Primary Attacks
August 8, 2008
Fellow Republicans,
We have just come through a grueling primary season, and we are now gearing up to march together toward
victory in November. As is often the case, there were a number of hard-fought primaries around the state in
which Republicans said some negative things about each other.
However, there was one attack that was so out-of-line and so indefensible that it must be roundly and publicly
condemned by all Republicans in Kansas .
On August 1, the organization “Kansas Traditional Republican Majority,” (KTRM) issued a press release
entitled “Kline and Ryun Unmasked: Linked to Klu Klux Klan.” In that release, the KTRM made an absurd
attempt to link these two good men to the KKK through a series of implausible connections.
It is a sad day when any organization falsely accuses a Republican candidate of being linked to the KKK. It is
inexcusable when an organization that claims to be associated with the Republican Party does so. We expect
such despicable smear tactics from Democrats, but not from Republicans.
It is simply unacceptable for any organization that claims to represent the Republican Party to slander fellow
Republicans in this way. Falsely accusing someone of being linked to the racism of the KKK is a personal
smear that has no place in Republican politics.
This condemnation of KTRM’s press release has nothing to do with its ideological leanings. If a conservative
organization stooped to such a disgraceful level, it too would be condemned. Attacks like these have no
ideology – just right and wrong. What KTRM did, just days before Republicans across the state voted in the
primary election, was just plain wrong. Fortunately, the media realized how baseless this press release was
and ignored it.
We hope that KTRM will recognize its mistake and apologize to Jim Ryun and Phill Kline. It is time for all
Republicans to reconcile with one another and move forward to victory in November.
Kris Kobach
Chairman Kansas Republican Party
Pat Roberts
US Senator
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US Senator
Todd Tiahrt
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