KC Monitor column – Get Involved in the Local Conservative Movement

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Get Involved in the Local Conservative Movement

Three new Johnson County groups highlight a trend toward grassroots vibrance.
05.17.11 | By: 

I encourage Kansas readers to get to know one or more Johnson County conservative group.  I’ll mention three groups, all recently formed:  the Gardner-Edgerton Republican Central Committee, the Conservative Republicans of Southern Johnson County, and Kansans for State and Local Reform.

Each group has a unique focus and feel, but the main purpose is the same: promote conservative issues and candidates, when no one else will.  These groups are absolutely essential – particularly on fiscal matters – prior to 2013, when Johnson County precinct committeemen and women will next have the opportunity to replace Ronnie Metsker, our county’s liberal chairman.

The Gardner-Edgerton Republican Committee was formed March 14.  Its leaders are Chairman Bill Sutton, Ryan Kriegshauser, Gloria Phelps, Mark Baldwin.  It will work to “ensure the election of all Republican candidates and be the ‘go to’ resource for all things Republican for the people, candidates, and elected officials in Gardner, Edgerton and the surrounding townships.”  To find out more, Email Bill Sutton at williamsutton@kc.rr.com.

The Conservative Republicans of Southern Johnson County group is a “grassroots network of individuals within southern Johnson County” promoting “limited government, fiscal responsibility, low taxes, traditional values, respect for life, law and order, ethical government, personal responsibility, a strong national defense, and patriotism.”  Its four officers are Chairwoman Rochelle Bird, Ken Bullock, Linda Bullock, and Cheri Streeter.  Email info@crsjc.org to learn more.

I am biased about this third group, as I helped form the Kansans for State and Local Reform PAC.  Our advisory board, which I could not do without, includes Kansas Rep. Mike Kiegerl, Michele Lockwood, former Sen. Kay O’Connor, and Joel Yourdon.  In 2010, we helped elect fiscal conservatives in the Kansas House and the Johnson County Commission.  There are critical races in 2012 in both the Kansas Senate and the Johnson County Commission, and we’ll appreciate your help with meeting voters at their doors, calling voters, and preparing mailings. Find us on the Web atwww.KansasReform.com, and Email us at Contact@KansasReform.com.

As an alternative, perhaps you can consider organizing your own new group, in your area.  If you think there might be a need for a new group, there probably is.  In Johnson County, there are a half million citizens, 300,000 voters, 50% of voters are registered as Republicans, $2 billion tax money is spent on local government, and nearly every local body is dominated by liberals.

Whether you join an existing group or start your own, there’s a need for your investment of time and energy.