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Immigration Forum Lecture at Kansas Union
Posted on November 5, 2010 by
Three guest speakers spoke to raise awareness of the former SB1070 Bill and its potential effects on our country by highlighting its pros and cons. The lecture was at Alderson Auditorium in the Union Wednesday September 29th.

The SB1070 bill was passed into law on April 23rd this year by the Governor of Arizona and it deters the unlawful entry and presence of illegal aliens and economic activity by illegal aliens in the U.S.

The three guest speakers included Ben Hodge, Tanya Gulahs-Boza, and David Trevino.

Ben Hodge

Elected to Kansas House of Representatives in November 2006.
Member of Kansas Chamber of Commerce
Member of Kansas Taxpayers Network

“If Arizona passes this law many others will follow, it could potentially have a huge influence on our country.”
“This will be coming to Kansas and the Midwest; polls show that people support these kinds of laws.”
Tanya Golash-Boza

Joint appointment in Sociology and American Studies at the University of Kansas.
Published an article in International Migration Review on the advantages of bilingualism for immigrants in the US.

Policies toward deportation can be broken down into three categories.
The first policy being deportation of all aliens by raiding schools, houses, and churches.
Second would be to simply deport some immigrants.
The third policy would be to legalize all illegal citizens of the U.S.
Opposed to SB1070 because of the racial profiling that would take place by Arizona law enforcement in order to deport aliens.
Tanya emphasized the positive results that would ensue if the U.S were to legalize all immigrants including 1.6 trillion dollars in revenue and improved wages and working conditions for everyone.
If we were to deport all aliens the U.S would lose 2.6 trillion dollars.

David Trevino

Helps immigrants with documentation and was all for securing our borders.
Wants border security but he also strives toward the legalization of all illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S.
Said resorting to crime and drugs is a prevalent issue pertaining to illegal immigrants because there is no motivation to finish high school.
“The reason that illegal immigrants have no motivation to finish high school is because they are not allowed to attend college due to the fact that they are undocumented,” Trevino said.


Trevino brought up the relevance of the DREAM act.
The purpose of the DREAM act is to create a process where illegal aliens with the proper credentials can be legalized in order to attend college.

KU student Lecture attendee Lauren Omaña

“I am totally against this new law coming into action because if it wasn’t for my parents being able to cross the border I wouldn’t be here right now. Out of personal experience I would want the opportunities I have been given as a U.S citizen to be available to all.”