Forum Discuss Newly Passed Arizona Immigration Law — by KU journalism student L Akadel


Forum Discuss Newly Passed Arizona Immigration Law
Posted on November 5, 2010 by
The Hispanic-American Leadership Organization and the Center for Community Outreach held a lecture at the University of Kansas on Sept. 29.

The lecture was held in Alderson Auditorium and covered both the negative and positive aspects of a newly passed Arizona law, a law that could potentially be put into effect in Kansas. The law requires all immigrants to carry identification with them at all times.

“The United States is dealing with the consequences of harboring 11 million immigrants without documentation,” said Professor Tanya Golash-Boza, a KU professor of sociology and American studies who spoke at the lecture.

Golash – Boza addressed three options that could resolve the immigration problem in the U.S. during the lecture. One of the options, complete deportation, could cost up to $200 billion said Golash-Boza.

In an attempt to create unfavorable lifestyles for these individuals, a proposal to deport a set amount of 1,000 immigrants per day has been discussed. This would make it very difficult for immigrants to become employed, secure housing and to receive an education.

The third solution Golash-Boza discusses is to legalize all immigrants, which would be the most cost-effective option. This would cost close to $54 billion.

Ben Hodge, a member of the Kansas House of Representatives and a member of the board of trustees for Johnson County Community College, also spoke at the lecture.

“Arizona has the right to put this policy into effect,” said Hodge, who believes that U.S. borders need to be more secure.

The case deciding if the law is constitutional will be heard in November of this year. A decision will be made in December.