Press release – Kansas Representative Ben Hodge (R-Overland Park) endorses Fred Thompson. Press Release from November 2007.

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Monday, November 26, 2007
Contact: Benjamin Hodge
News Release: Kansas Lawmaker Endorses Fred Thompson
Kansas state lawmaker Benjamin Hodge (R-Overland Park) today announced his endorsement of Fred
Thompson for president.
“If the United States is to remain a world leader, our leaders must confront the moral issues of human
life and government size,” Hodge said.
Addressing the pro-life issue, Hodge said, “America needs leaders who demonstrate compassion toward
life at all stages. A society cannot be strong if it does not value those citizens who are the most vulnerable and
the least wanted. I am confident that a President Fred Thompson will continue President Bush’s bold record on
life, a record that reflects a belief that life should not be created only to then be destroyed.”
On the role of the courts, Hodge said, “America promotes democracy around the world, yet our own
courts have taken from the people the right to implement, through our elected representatives, laws that would
define and protect human life. The nation of France prohibits elective abortions after 10 weeks; Germany, after
12 weeks. But politicians in the United States – in fact, in Kansas – lack the desire and will to change a status
quo that allows fully viable fetuses, just minutes from birth, to be aborted for any reason.
“I believe that Thompson will appoint federal judges that will correctly interpret our nation’s
Constitution and laws.”
Since 1998, Kansas law has clearly stated that abortions after 21 weeks of pregnancy may only be
performed when there is an irreversible health risk to the mother. The present law also requires the reporting of
the health-related reason for the procedure. But late-term abortions – most or all of them probably illegal –
continue to be performed every year (380 of them in 2006) without the health reasons being cited. The state
health department under Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius refuses to enforce the reporting requirement.
Along with the majority of both Kansas legislative chambers, Rep. Hodge voted for legislation that would have
required the state health agency to obtain the health-related information. But even though the legislation did not
require any patient names to be reported – only the reasons behind the procedures – Gov. Sebelius vetoed the
legislation, stating that the measure would have violated patient privacy rights.
On the growth of government, Hodge said, “The correlations are clear: as government grows, the
economy suffers. And as socialism spreads, freedom and liberty decline.
“Irresponsible government spending is a bi-partisan problem. Washington politicians effectively buy
votes through the practice of obtaining earmarks for projects that are either wholly unnecessary, or that should
be paid for with local tax dollars. And federal spending is consistently greater than tax receipts.
“Democrats talk only about growing government and adding new entitlement programs that are better
left to the free market and to charitable organizations. I am impressed that Fred Thompson demonstrates the
political courage to tackle issues like Social Security reform.
“Left unreformed, the size of American government will place a tremendous burden on future
generations. Fred Thompson shows a unique and refreshing willingness to address government spending and to
reform American government.”
Hodge voted against the latest Kansas budget, a budget that was supported by a Republican-controlled
legislature and signed into law by Democratic Gov. Sebelius. 2007 was the fourth consecutive year that the
budget grew by eight percent or more. From 2002 to 2006, Kansas’ debt doubled from $2 billion to $4 billion.
Hodge supports a Kansas constitutional amendment that would require a 60% legislative majority in
order to approve any tax increase and any deficit spending.
“While Republicans are certainly more fiscally responsible than the average Democrat, we nonetheless
have done great damage to our party’s brand. For Republicans to succeed, we must be the party of limited
government. I believe Fred Thompson will lead the Republican party back to its roots of fiscal responsibility.”
About Representative Hodge:
Benjamin Hodge is a life-long Kansan. He graduated from Shawnee Mission Public Schools and from Kansas State
University. Hodge’s record has been recognized by Americans for Prosperity, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, the Kansas
Taxpayers Network, Kansans for Life, and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).
Hodge was elected in 2005 to a four-year term on Johnson County Community College’s Board of Trustees. He was elected
to the Kansas House of Representatives in November 2006. At 27, he is presently the youngest member of the Kansas Legislature.
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