“No levy, tuition increases at JCCC”

The following article appeared in the Johnson County Sun.

“No levy, tuition increases at JCCC”
Elaine Bessier
Johnson County Sun

There is good news for Johnson County taxpayers and Johnson County Community College students.

The mill levy assessed taxpayers to support the college in 2005-06 will remain the same, at 8.96 mills, for 2006-07. Tuition will remain the same, too, according to budget guidelines approved Nov.17 by the board of trustees.

Last year, the board reduced the levy from 9.438 mills to 8.96 mills and reduced student cost per credit hour by $1 from what had been set for the spring 2005 semester.

The average residence will taxed about $231 next year, compared to $227 this year.

Johnson County residents will pay tuition of $63 a credit hour, Kansas residents $78 a credit hour and non residents $144 a credit hour.

The college is able to hold the line on the levy and tuition because of an anticipated 5 percent increase in the county’s assessed valuation, Budget Director Don Perkins said .

“That, combined with the current cash balance and an anticipated 2 percent enrollment increase makes it possible,” Perkins said.

The budget will reflect a 6 percent increase in state aid.

Capital budgets will be based on demonstrated need and as planned for the major building projects under way. Operating budgets will be limited to 2 percent increases, except for items over which the college has little control such as utilities and postage.

The 2006-07 budget will continue to reflect revenue from .5 mills for major facilities projects. New buildings opening, including the Regnier Center for Technology and Business and the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, projected to open in 2007, will lead to consideration of additional support positions.

The board also approved refinancing about $8.4 million of 1998 Student Commons and Parking System revenue bonds. This will save the college some $340,000 and reduce the borrowing cost by at least 3 percent, board Treasurer Lynn Mitchelson said.