College trustees vote to reject state maintainance initiative

The following article appeared in the Johnson County Sun.

“College trustees vote to reject state maintainance initiative”
Elaine Bessier
Johnson County Sun

The Johnson County Community College board rejected an invitation to join the other 18 Kansas community colleges and universities in a statewide initiative to address deferred maintenance on the campuses.

The college already has an ongoing deferred maintenance plan, Interim President Larry Tyree said. For $5,000, the state would review that plan and make recommendations. The fee is determined by the enrollment and square footage of the institution. College lobbyist Bob Vancrum has recommended against participation due to concern about local control.

The state’s other 18 community colleges and six universities are participating in the plan. The advantages to Johnson County are that the college might receive some funding and would be seen as a team player.

“Another presumed benefit is that we would get an evaluation,” board Chairman Lynn Mitchelson said. “It’s a philosophical choice. We have a different situation than the other 18 schools.”

“Ultimately, we may get benefits but it’s still (state) control,” trustee Elaine Perilla said. Mitchelson, Shirley Brown VanArsdale and Jon Stewart voted to join the plan and Perilla, Hodge and Virginia Krebs voted against joining.