Principally Political blog — Overland Park, KS City Council candidates on taxes, lobbyists


FEBRUARY 23, 2009…10:17 PM

Overland Park, KS City Council candidates on taxes, lobbyists

Three candidates for Overland Park’s second ward squared off in a debate tonight. Johnson County Community College board member and conservative activist Ben Hodge asked participants if they “will you cut taxpayer-funded lobbying and other unnecessary expenditures before increasing taxes?”


They responded accordingly:

Jason Osterhaus: Yes.

Laura Johnson: Yes.

Curt Skoog: No – it’s a vital service.

The three also discussed whether they would be willing to raise taxes:

Osterhaus: No.

Johnson: Yes.

Skoog: Yes.

While this represents only a slice of the campaign, it could be indicative of where the candidates are generally. I have known Osterhaus as a social conservative (he is a sincere Catholic who has been involved in various ministries), but he appears to be campaigning on a conservative economic message as well.

Will keep you posted on Jason’s candidacy and this race…Stay tuned.

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