Letter to the editor: Overland Park annexation

Kansas City Star; October 17, 2007
“Letter to the editor: Overland Park annexation

I ask the Johnson County Commission to reject the Overland Park City Council’s request to annex 15 square miles of unincorporated land south of the city’s current boundaries.

The residents of the unincorporated land have been abundantly clear. They are pleased with the government services currently provided to them. They enjoy the quiet surroundings. They wish to be left alone.

Annexation proponents will argue in favor of “progress.”

But to the council, “progress” means less freedom. It represents high taxation and taking away the right to defend oneself. It means that government can forcibly take a home or church and then give the land to another private business. It means that it’s illegal to smoke a cigar after work in one’s bar of choice. And it means hiring a taxpayer-funded lobbyist to promote this agenda.

Annexation will mean less freedom and more taxes for the affected residents. County commissioners should vote “no.”

Rep. Ben Hodge