Letter to the editor in KC Star from former JCCC employee – Johnson County Community College trustee Benjamin Hodge deserves support.

Source: http://www.redcounty.com/two-letters-id-highlight

Johnson County Community College trustee Benjamin Hodge deserves support.

Perhaps like me, you haven’t followed JCCC’s Board of Trustee elections closely, and maybe you haven’t previously cast your vote with much care. This time you should. It’s more important now than ever in the 40-year history of the college for it to manage our tax dollar investment wisely. Take a look at your property tax bill to see the tax amount paid to JCCC. Now look at its financials in the latest board minutes. Like the rest of us, the college’s realized year-to- date investment and other income sources fell way short of what was budgeted, yet the expenditures year to date remain consistent.

The college’s fiscal year ends June 30. Unlike the rest of us in these tough economic times, the college has not cut back.

The fact that trustee Benjamin Hodge, as he has so adamantly been accused, “leaked” cost cuts under consideration is a good thing. What is unfortunate is that the over-reaction and very public condemnation of Hodge has taken the focus off what really needs to be asked. Why shouldn’t this institution consider, adopt and make expenditure cuts? The rest of us have.

Tammy Clem