Hodge letter to the editor – Possible tax hike at JCCC

Readers write about possible Johnson County tax increase, Kiki Beggs
Kansas City Star – Saturday, November 29, 2008

Possible tax hike

Another tax increase alert is issued for Johnson County — where local governments refuse to distinguish between “wants” and “needs,” where it seems that everybody but the taxpayer has a taxpayer-funded lobbyist, and where the total tax burden is already at an all-time high.

The latest government body to talk about increasing taxes is Johnson County Community College. The administration recently offered “the possibility” of phasing in large property tax increases over the next five years, and it is clear that a majority of the elected board members are willing to consider this option.

I will say that, relative to state colleges and other local governments, JCCC is well-run. It’s been years since we’ve increased property taxes, and we’ve actually lowered taxes during the four years I’ve been a board member. But we’re not perfect, and I could quickly point out to you hundreds of thousands of dollars of non-essential expenditures — money that could be redirected to other programs or returned directly to taxpayers.

I’m confident that JCCC can prioritize and not increase taxes. If you agree, please call the administration and elected trustees to let them know.

Benjamin Hodge
JCCC Trustee