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Latest misleading comment from JCCC

By Benjamin Hodge | 04/24/09

Tracy Thomas wrote this recently about JCCC:  “You know, it’s the cover-up that kills you. Just ask Bill Clinton.”

On that note:

At the April 15 monthly JCCC board meeting, I called for Chair Shirley Brown-VanArsdale and Vice-Chair Lynn Mitchelson to step down from leadership.  They have each engaged in untruthful behavior, and they have allowed JCCC President Calaway to engage in obstructive, intimidating, and misleading behavior.  All three of them have allowed untold amounts of money to be spent on legal services in attempt to intimidate me and mislead the public.

However, after that meeting, the Email summary provided by the college marketing department failed to include my comments.  Didn’t really surprise me all that much, as the marketing director reports directly to Calaway, and Calaway has proven to be untrustworthy.  Also, as the lone economic conservative on the six-member board, I’ve generally grown to become accustomed to political behavior by college personnel.

This from the 4/22 edition of the JCCC Campus Ledger (emphasis mine):

Hodge also blasted the college for omitting his presentation made at the board meeting from the board meeting summary released on the college’s e-mail information service InfoList.

“It doesn’t surprise me. Calaway wants to control the flow of information,” Hodge said. “I think it is amateurish, and they are becoming a parody of themselves at this point.” Julie Haas, executive director, Marketing Communications, writes the summary report after every board meeting.

“The summary does not give opinion and does not comment, it simply reports things happening,” Haas said. “If you look at the budget report, there is a lot more discussion than what is put in the summary.”

Right, Julie.

Here’s a portion of Haas’ summary from the March 26 board meeting:

Faculty Association

Mike Martin, president of the Faculty Association, reviewed aspects of the current negotiation process and announced the association’s endorsement of four candidates for the board election: Bob Drummond, Peter Jouras, Melody Rayl and Stephanie Sharp.