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Finance reports show Republicans raising more, spending more
Kansas City Star, The (MO)-November 4, 2006

In this year’s general election for state representatives, Republican incumbents are out-raising and outspending their Democratic challengers in Olathe area districts.

Candidates turned in campaign finance reports to the Johnson County Election Office this week.

The contributors listed below reportedly gave donations of $500 or more at one time and were collected from Jan. 1 to Oct. 26. Readers can view the candidates campaign finance forms by visiting and click on “Submitted Forms & Reports by Candidates/Committees.”

Voters will choose their representatives on Tuesday.

14th District

Republican incumbent Lance Kinzer raised more than Democratic challenger Aunesty Janssen.

Kinzer started with $2,740 and received $38,894 in contributions, while Janssen began her campaign with no money and received $9,955 in donations. Kinzer cited a total $34,384 in expenditures. Janssen listed $8,787.

Kinzer received $500 donations from Enterprise Rent-a-Car, business owner John Lewis of Lenexa, Montgomery and Co. in Olathe, Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation of Mayetta, KTLA Consumer and Civil Justice PAC of Topeka, retiree BA Bianchino of Overland Park, Bundschuh Properties LLC of Kansas City, Kan.; Pretech Corporation of Kansas City, Kan; business owner Robert Hodgdon of Shawnee, Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City PAC, Koch Industries of Wichita, registered nurse Dana Lewis of Lenexa, reimbursement manager David Watts and KC Docs PAC of North Kansas City.

Janssen received $500 donations from Operating Engineers 101 of Kansas City, Kansans for Life-Saving Cures PAC, business owner Cory Brown and the Carpenter’s District Council. She received two donations of $500 from the Kansas chapter of the National Education Association.

Janssen also loaned her campaign $1,977.

District 15

Incumbent Arlen Siegfreid has raised more than double the amount of funds as challenger Heather Cessna. Siegfried, a Republican, raised $29,322. He has spent $19,085, and had $10,236.70 cash on hand at the end of the reporting period.

Cessna, a Democrat, has raised $10,668 since Jan. 1. She has spent $10,379, and had $288 on hand.

The following reportedly gave a $500 donation to Siegfreid: Home builder Association of Greater Kansas City, Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hallmark Cards Inc., Trans Am, Kevin Gilmore, Olathe school board president.

The following gave two donations of $500: John Lewis, Lenexa, Newspaper Publisher; Kansas Realtors.

Those who gave $500 to Cessna were: Kansans For Life Saving Cures; Karrie Straceski of Littleton, Colo., a nurse; the Kansas National Education Association; Darl Carpenter, Kansas City, Retired Air Force; Jacquelyn Carpenter, Kansas City, Retired Air Force.

The following gave two $500 donations: Lori Cessna of Olathe, a nurse; James Cessna of Olathe, a data specialist; Randal Newton of Olathe, a construction manager; Diane Newton of Olathe, medical clerical;

26th District

Incumbent Republican Rob Olson raised far more money than challenger Bill Jackson.

Jackson received $1,175 in contributions during the reporting period in his campaign against Republican incumbent Rob Olson, who took in $61,868. Jackson embarked on his campaign with no money, whereas Olson began with more than $17,000.

Jackson spent $1,040 on his campaign during the reporting period. Olson spent more than $20,000.

The following reportedly made donations of $500 to Olson: Farmer’s Employees and Agents, Kansas Insurance Agents, Astra Zeneca Services, the law firm of Polsinelli, Shalton, Welte and Suehaltus; BP North America and Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

Kansas Realtors PAC made two $500 donations to Olson’s campaign.

Jackson received a $500 donation from the Kansas PAC.

29th District

Republican Sheryl Spalding raised about $15,000 more than Democrat Amber Bachelor.

Spalding started with $7,784, then raised an additional $25,555. She spent $23,255 on her campaign. Beginning her campaign with no previous election funds, Bachelor has pulled in $10,560 in campaign contributions, spending about $10,000.

Spalding received one-time $500 contributions from John Wilson, who is the executive director of the National Education Association and lives in Raleigh, N.C., retired Leawood resident Norman Polsky, retired Lenexa resident Bonnie Cloud, National Commiteeman of the Kansas Republic Party and Lenexa resident Steve Cloud, Heavy Contractors Association PAC, KC Docs PAC KS East, Tennessee resident Robert Walker, the Kansas National Education Association PAC, Hallmark Cards and KC Docs PAC KS West.

The Kansas Contractors Association PAC, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce PAC, the Kansas Coalition for Lifesaving Cures all gave Spalding two $500 contributions over the primary and general election periods.

Spalding also has filed for a $2,000 personal loan for her campaign.

Major contributors for Bachelor include Karen Mitchell, a respiratory therapist living in Lenexa, who gave her campaign two $500 contributions during the primary and general election periods.

Contributions of $500 were given also given by the Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus PAC, Lenexa resident and welding supply company manager Hugh Mitchell, the Operating Engineers Local #101 PAC, the Plumbers and Gasfitters Local Union #8, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #53 PAC and the Sheet Metal Workers Local #2 Legislative Action Committee. Bachelor also gave $500 to her own campaign.

Libertarian Andrea Gava, who is also running, has filed an affidavit of exemption from submitting campaign finance reports.

District 38

Carpenters union came out in full force to support incumbent Anthony Brown in his re-election campaign. His challenger, Democrat Diane Bryant, relied more on individuals to support her campaign.

Brown’s campaign, between Jan. 1 and Oct. 26, has raised $34,092 and has spent $29,116 – leaving him roughly $16,289 to spend until Tuesday.

Bryant has raised $20,858 since Jan. 1. She has spent $8,375, leaving $12,482.

Bryant also contributed $500 of her own money to the campaign.

Those reported to have given a single donation of $500 or more to Brown’s campaign include:

Greg Kelly and Diana Kelly of Arkansas City, Business owners; the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City; the Carpenters District Council of Kansas City; the Carpenters for Sound Legislation; Robert Hodgdon and Mary Jane Hodgdon of Shawnee, business owner; Prairie Band Pottawatomie Nation; John Deere; Millwrights Local 1529; Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Republican State Leadership Committee; Dana Lewis of Lenexa, registered nurse; John Lewis of Lenexa, Newspaper publisher; Kansas Bankers Association; Kansas Farm Bureau; Jami Hadgen of Shawnee, homemaker.

Various Carpenters Unions from around the area donated a combined total of $8,500.

The Carpenter’s Local 168 gave two $500 donations to Bryant.

Those that donated $500 or more to Bryant include: Kansans for Life Saving Cures; Loren Rogers of Little Rock, Ark., retired; Raymond K. Pritchett of Lawrence, business representative; Pro Kan Do; Dianne and Paul Shumaker of Olathe, chaplain; Sheet Metal Workers; Kansas National Education Association.

Those who gave two donations of $500 are: Roberta A. Eveslage of Lenexa, teacher; Ron V. Contino of Lenexa, retired.

District 43

Incumbent Mike Kiegerl has raised $17,650. He has spent $37,106 – relying on $25,958 in various loans. Keigerl reported having $1,394 in cash on hand.

His opponent, Democrat Lee Urban, has raised $6,199 since Jan. 1 and has spent $4,635. Urban reported having $1,589 on hand.

Those who were reported to have given donations of $500 or more to Kiegerl’s campaign include: John Lewis of Lenexa, Newspaper publisher; Prairie Band Pottawatomie; Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors; Mid-America Medical; Thomas Mertz of Edgerton, business owner; Donna Mertz of Edgerton, business owner; PRM Inc; HCCC Inc; Professional Real Estate Management Inc; Kansas Realtors Association.

Those who donated $500 to Urban’s campaign include: Kansas National Education Association; Operating Engineers Local 10; Carpenters District Council of Kansas; Paul and Diane Schumaker of Olathe, retired; Tim and Sandra Barton of Overland Park, business owner.

48th District

Republican candidate Jeff Colyer has spent eight times the amount his opponent Democratic candidate Pam Ippel has spent.

Colyer began this year with $93,068.06–including $75,000 he loaned to the campaign–and raised an additional $28,479.71. He spent $46,583.31, and still had $74,964.46 cash on hand when the report was filed.

Ippel began the year without any funds, but raised 7,225.50 and spent $5,756.24. In addition to those amounts, she has loaned her campaign $3,000, as well as $1,107.85 worth of mailing supplies. She had $1,469.26 cash on hand.

Colyer received $500 contributions from: David Gibson, a commodity trader from Mission Hills; Paul Camarata, a physician from Shawnee Mission; Karen Camarata, a homemaker from Shawnee Mission; H. James Bartels, a retiree from Hays, Kan.; Patricia Bartels, a retiree from Hays, Kan.; Anthony LaSalle, a physician from Overland Park; Daniel Hinthorn, a physician from Leawood; Michael Lowe, a physican from Liberty; Lisa Lowe, a homemaker from Liberty; Steve Scott, a physician from Seattle, Wash.; John Reifschneider, a ophthalmologist from Lenexa; Robert Hodgdon, a company president from Shawnee; Brian Bardo, an executive from Lee’s Summit; Delbert Dunmire, an executive from Grandview; Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City; Koch Industries, Inc. in Wichita; Growth Industries Enterprises, Inc. in Grandview; Cass County Land Oil and Cattle Company in Grandview; Airline Parts, Inc. in Grandview; Kansas Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Harrisonville Investment Group in Grandview!
; Kansas Realtors PAC; KC Docs PAC KS-East; KC Docs PAC KS-West; KC Docs PAC KS-North.

Ippel received $500 contributions from: Kansas National Education Association; Operating Engineers Local 101; Plumbers and Gasfitters Local #8; Greater KC Women’s Political Caucus; Sheet Metal Workers Local No. 2.

49th District

Democratic candidate Bond Faulwell raised $21,385 and spent $18,425 after beginning his campaign without any funding. He reports having $2,958 on hand. Republican candidate Ben Hodge received $20,828 in donations and also began his campaign without money. He spent $17,633 and has $3,194 on hand.

Faulwell reported $500 donations from: Operating Engineers Local 101, Carpenter’s District Council, Prof. Roberta Eveslage of Lenexa and the Johnson County Democratic Committee.

Teamsters Local 696, Heavy Constructors Association, Hallmark Cards, and Kansans for Lifesaving Cures all made two donations of $500 to Faulwell’s campaign during the reporting period.

Hodge’s $500 donations are reported to come from attorney David Sage of Lakewood, Colo; Beverly Enterprises, Lathrop and Gage, retiree Julia Hodge of Prairie Village,

Dentist Jay Hodge of Kansas City gave Hodge’s campaign two $500 donations during the reporting period. Retired physician Geoffrey Hartzler of Leawood gave Hodge three $500 contributions.

| Laura Uhlmansiek and Michael Kan contributed to this report.


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