Democrats select Faulwell as new candidate in Senate District 37 race, KC Star 2008

Democrats select Faulwell as new candidate in Senate District 37 race
Kansas City Star, The (MO)-September 13, 2008
Author: BRAD COOPER, The Kansas City Star

The race for Kansas Senate District 37 shifted suddenly this week when the Democratic nominee withdrew because of illness.

Jim AuBuchon of Overland Park pulled out of the race after suffering from what one party official called a “severe health episode” that left him hospitalized for a while.

The senate district includes parts of Olathe and Overland Park and southeast Johnson County.

Democratic precinct leaders met this week and chose Johnson County Community College instructor Bond Faulwell to run in the race instead.

“It was just to the point where I just couldn’t run a credible campaign,” said AuBuchon, who declined to discuss his illness.

“The better choice, when all things were considered, was to bail out. This outcome wasn’t my intention by any means.”

Faulwell, an adjunct political science professor, will face Republican Jeff Colyer and Libertarian Rob Hodgkinson.

Faulwell now has less than two months to mount a campaign against Colyer, the plastic surgeon who thumped financial adviser Steve Baru in the Republican Primary.

He starts with no money against Colyer, who loaned his campaign $50,000. Colyer had about $66,000 left in his campaign fund as of July 28.

Faulwell, 62, isn’t new to Johnson County politics. Two years ago, he ran for the state House in District 49 and lost to Ben Hodge by about 800 votes.

The race is “tougher than if I had started back in January,” Faulwell said this week.

“Hopefully, in some areas I am a little bit of a known quantity. It will be a tough, uphill fight. I understand that,” he said. “But I firmly believe if I can get the message out that we’ve got a shot at it.”

Faulwell enters the campaign talking about the importance of funding for Johnson County schools and higher education.

He said based on what he knew he would have opposed the coal-fired power plants proposed for western Kansas.

“We need the energy, there’s no question about it,” he said.

“But if we’re not careful and we ignore environmental concerns…and end up creating major health problems for large numbers of people, what have we really gained out that process?” Faulwell asked.

He questions whether voters should be forced to show an ID when they vote, suggesting that only increases the role of government. He said he hasn’t seen any evidence of massive voter fraud that might make an ID requirement needed.

He would be against outlawing abortion if the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade. He thinks the number of abortions is a “tragedy,” but he’s afraid an abortion ban might force some women into seeking unsafe procedures. “The real question is what can we do to avoid unwanted conceptions?”

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