AFP, 2007 – Kansas ranks 1st in government job growth

AFP Media Advisory
September 25, 2007
Contacts: Jen Rezac (785) 213-6338

Kansas ranks 1st in government job growth

TOPEKA , KS – Recent data indicates jobs are on the rise in Kansas . While overall job growth is positive for the state, AFP-Kansas director Alan Cobb said 39 percent of those jobs were in the government sector, making Kansas number one in government job growth.

“Private sector jobs are continuing to increase, which is good news for the state, but government jobs are also on the rise,” said Cobb. “In fact, the state ranks first in government job growth, which is clearly cause for concern.”

Using seasonally adjusted data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Kansas added 17,200 government jobs in the last year.

Federal government jobs are lower today than one year ago; state government jobs are slightly higher. Nearly all of the growth is in local government.

Government jobs make up 19% of the total workforce in Kansas . The 50-state average is 16.1%.